11 Reasons Nepal is The Best Travel Destination For Nature Lovers

11 Reasons Nepal is The Best Travel Destination For Nature Lovers

Are you an avid nature lover? Do you want to take some time out to visit one of the naturally blessed nations in this world? Well, if you do, traveling to Nepal should indeed help you acquire one of the best experiences of your life.

Some call it heaven on earth and some just get spellbound when it comes to describing the beauty of Nepal in words. That is how beautiful and blessed Nepal is in terms of natural riches. With the incandescent view of the towering snowcapped mountains, the diversity of flora and fauna, the breathtaking landscapes, dazzling waterfalls, and what not; Nepal has it all!

But to be more articulate as to why you should visit Nepal next for your vacation, we have listed out the 11 most significant reasons, which make Nepal the best travel destination for all the nature lovers.

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Trekking while enjoying the vacation

Just the thought of traveling away from the dazzling lights of the cities and the crowd that makes you lost in your day-to-day life, is so very soothing. Take a minute and imagine being in a place where you are surrounded by nothing but nature. Waking up to the light of the sun instead, and sipping your morning coffee while glancing at the majestic view of the mountains might seem surreal, but Nepal allows you to experience all that.

The adventurous trails that traverse some of the mesmerizingly beautiful destinations are what make trekking in Nepal one of the favorite things for travelers to do. The peaceful ambiance and the unmatched sight of the picturesque surrounding is something people love trading their time for during their vacation in Nepal.

If you are an adventure freak who is in a good shape with prior trekking experience, you might want to take on the challenge of trekking to the Annapurna Region, Upper Mustang, Everest Base Camp and Kanchenjunga base camp. But if you are more of a fun trekker who prefers trekking in the comparatively easy trails, you should definitely go for, Ghorepani Trek, Poonhill Trek, Chisapani Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek, and a few others.

White Water Rafting Adventure

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling and adventurous way to explore the beauty and depth of river water as you navigate your way through the hard and easy patches. Well if you are a nature lover and equally enjoy the thrill of an adrenaline rush, Nepal has so much to offer you in the form of a rafting adventure.

Sun Koshi River is considered one of the best rivers for whitewater rafting in Nepal. It is a highly preferred rafting destination among the tourists and likely so the river is included in the list of top ten rafting trips in the world. The thrills of such adventure trips are simply unmatched and you will acquire a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not to mention the natural beauty including the views of mountains, lush valleys, forests, and villages along the way makes rafting in Sun Koshi even more appealing.

Living with the community and enjoying the local culture and natural lifestyle while on vacation

Nepal is a country that takes pride in its religious and cultural diversity. Every culture here is unique and represents the belief of the communities that are following as well as preserving the culture for the upcoming generation. Unity in diversity is what people in Nepal believe to possess and rightly so they live by it. Every culture here is equally valued and respected, and you may find it interesting to get to know more about it from your personal interactions.

From the way, one dresses up to their language, folklore, religion, food, festivals, and art are all determined by the culture. So, if you spend your time living in the local community observing them and their lifestyle from up close, you will get to learn enough to appreciate and like the culture here. Also, people in Nepal are very humble and friendly and are well known for taking good care of their guests. Therefore, you will enjoy your vacation in Nepal, the most in their company, although it might take you a while to adjust to a completely different culture.

Wildlife Safari in the National Parks

Exploring the exotic wildlife of some of the endangered animals amidst the majestic woodlands is the next best thing to do during your vacation in Nepal. You have plenty of options in terms of embarking on a wildlife safari as Nepal has a total of three wildlife reserves and nine national parks.

Out of those nine, Bardiya National Park stands out as one of the favorites. It is the largest habitat for Royal Bengal Tiger in Nepal and further accommodates other endangered animals such as wild boars, rhesus macaque, blue bulls, hyenas, black buck, marsh mugger crocodiles, mongoose wild elephant, Gangetic dolphins, and many others. The national park is also considered a paradise by the naturalists who love bird watching while enjoying the jungle walk.

Up next on the list is the first-ever national park of Nepal; Chitwan National Park. You will also be blessed with the sight of 544 different species of birds, 56 species of herpetofauna, 126 species of fishes, and 68 species of mammals. Apart from the abundance of those many animals, the park is significantly known for protecting the Gharial crocodile, Royal Bengal Tiger, and one-horned rhinoceros.

Hiking through the conservation areas and sanctuaries

Hiking in Nepal allows you to take a stroll past diverse flora and fauna, the villages on the lap of the mountains, whitewater rivers, and beautiful green lush valleys. Nepal’s diverse topography is the main reason that makes this country one of the favorites among the hikers. The northern side of Nepal comprises high mountains whereas the plains of the Terai in the south make up for a perfect geographic combination.

Depending upon your interest and time availability you can choose the hiking destination from the multiple options available. There are 6 conservation areas in Nepal namely Annapurna Conservation Area, Manaslu Conservation Area, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Black Buck Conservation Area, and Api Nampa Conservation Area. Each one of them have more or less the similar kind of attraction in terms of the natural beauty; however, Annapurna and Kanchenjunga Conservation Areas are the most preferred ones.

You may also opt to hike in other different areas of Nepal that are equally rewarding. Places like Chisapani, Nuwakot, Sundarijal, and Dhulikhel are the go-to destination for the hikers who don’t want to travel far from the Kathmandu valley. Ghale Gaun, Pulchwoki, Daman, Kalinchowk, and Kulekhani, on the other hand, are at quite a distance from the capital city but are totally worth the travel.

The village, Farm Stay

A village and farm stay in Nepal is yet another perfect way of exploring the beauty of this country. Exploring the countryside’s lifestyle, culture, and tradition while living and working on an organic farm will downright help you acquire one of the best experiences during your visit to Nepal. The Nepali people are very friendly and welcoming of the guests so as far as the hospitality is concerned you will never be disappointed. You will get to live in a very quiet and peaceful place and observe nature from up close.

Depending upon your interest you can participate in agricultural activities or spend your time on the farm; learning the procedure of making dairy products. You can also visit the community schools at times and teach the farmers' children. Other than that, you might as well go hiking and stay overnight in the jungle or learn to build earthen houses.

Chitlang, Balthali, Lamjung, Pokhara, and Sirubari are some of the popular destinations for Villages and farm stay in Nepal. Every place has its own culture and the local delicacies are simply the best.

Tea Gardens

As comforting as the first cup of your morning tea is; to be in a garden where it is grown is a uniquely satisfying feeling as well. The eye-pleasing greenery of the tea garden along with the variety of seasonal, colorful flowers including red Rhododendrons decorates the place. The melodious chirping of the birds, on the other hand, keeps you entertained as you traverse through the verdant tea fields.

Bhotechaur village in the Sindupalchowk district, along with Fikkal, Ilam, one of the very popular places for tea production in Nepal, are where you can spend some of the finest time of your vacation. The tea gardens are located in the misty valleys and the majestic hills of the Himalayas, where you can attain the perfect view of the surroundings and enjoy the weather.


A true nature lover is defined by their ways of finding comfort, fun, and solace in being surrounded by the beauty of it. Camping is another way for you to give away your air-conditioning room, and comfy bed and settle down for a night or two under the beautiful sky and enjoy what nature has to offer to you. Sitting around the campfire, enjoying the fresh air away from the polluted cities, listening to the birds' tweets, and just relaxing back without having to worry about anything else is definitely one of the finest ways of enjoying life.

There are abundant famous places for camping in Nepal but to mention a few, Chitlang – Markhu village, Nagarkot, Chisapani, Gurjebhanjyang – Suryachaur, Shivapuri National Park, and Lele village are the ones that stand out amid the rest. s

Boating, Canoeing, and Kayaking

Known as the city of lakes and a sheer paradise for nature lovers, Pokhara has a lot in store for people planning on visiting Nepal. The calm and beautiful lakes like Begnas and Phewa are perfect for a boating expedition, whereas, you can also experience the thrill of canoeing and Kayaking here in Pokhara.

If you are more of a thrill lover; Trishuli and Bhotekoshi river are two other available options that will surely fulfill your quest of exploring the beauty of nature in an adventurous way.

Nature conservation activities along with the vacation

Having talked about all the fun activities that Nepal has in store for you, it is now time to get focused on a serious matter. With the evolution of mankind and technological advancement, the only thing that is left behind is nature and its resources. Each day the earth is on the verge of degrading, and very few people are lending hands to help preserve and conserve the most essential element of this planet earth, the environment.

 So, a little help from you to conserve nature would be valued a lot. There are multiple projects that run Nature conservation projects in Nepal and you being a nature lover can contribute to this noble deed. You can take some time out from your vacation and volunteer so that some other avid lovers of nature will get to witness the beauty of it in the future.   

Wildlife conservation activities along with the vacation

Related to the degradation and deterioration of the environment over a period of time, numerous species of animal have already gotten extinct and many are labeled endangered. This is why the need for wildlife conservation on this date is equally important as it is to conserve nature. For example, you can enjoy the vibrant Langtang conservation area meanwhile working on the conservation of the endangered Red Panda.

You already know by now, that there are many wildlife reserves and national parks in Nepal which are doing a great job of protecting various species of endangered animals. Therefore, you can also volunteer to contribute to wildlife conservation activities in the best way you can. It only takes your willingness and a little bit of time while you are in Nepal for your vacation.

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